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And I was -- we stayed in a 400- year old farm house, and sure there were times when I would come up from downstairs and say, "I don't know if I can do this. This part is too difficult." There were times when, obviously -- the book is about the sexual abuse that I endured as a child and getting on the other side of that abuse. HECHE: Oh, I don't even take offense because it's so ridiculous. KING: They decide when they're going to publish, right? I mean, I wrote the book very quickly, but -- and that's one of the reasons why it's coming out so soon. And she has so much, so much to give on television. And I think she would think the same about me in this book. I never told anybody that I heard voices and spoke to God. I thought it would have to be something I would have to keep secret forever. The therapists knew about all the different things I was going through to get the shame out of me, but the therapists never knew to the extent of the world that I created to get out of the shame of my abuse. KING: Are there things -- and you don't have to tell us -- that didn't get in? There are some things that didn't get in because I didn't think they were anybody's business. It was about a journey of all of my relationships, the abusive patterns that I had in my life, the things that I encountered through different relationships and the journey of that. Do you take offense that people think that this was published to time with Ellen De Generes' television show? I was raised to always tell everybody that everything was fine, and even though I was in therapy for years I never told anybody that I had another personality. The therapists knew about the shame I was enduring. He always struck me as what at bottom he was---a big, goofy fat kid who had figured out a long time ago that the best way to keep his teachers and the bullies off balance was to keep them laughing and then got addicted to their laughter.Lots of great comics started out in grade school as the class clown, but over time they learned to discipline their wit and their intelligence and their performances. I certainly know what's been written about me in the press. HECHE: I have in the past -- I have in the past understood that in being honest about certain things in my life, I've helped other people be honest, because they think that it's OK when somebody else admits what they've been doing. It certainly helps me when other people are honest about the journey in their life. KING: So when you write something like that, it's cathartic too. KING: Were there times you said, "maybe I shouldn't be doing this? Thank God I had the sanity going right along side the insanity. But you have to relive -- you know, I relived a lot of stuff writing this book so that I could say goodbye to it. "I believe that many people may think I went insane. I believe I went through a period of my life that was insane, and it lasted 31 years." Thirty-one year insanity trip? And when, you know, always going along with sanity too. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP, "SIX DAYS SEVEN NIGHTS") HECHE: Oh my God, now what?

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said she had been building up the courage to come out for decades!

Ashley is a struggling artist whose girlfriend Lisa (Alicia Silverstone) is about to leave; Veronica is the wine-swilling wife of a wealthy businessman (Damian Young) who just landed a contract to collect debris in a burgeoning Middle East war.

They hate what the other stands for, and when they run into each other at a party–Veronica asks cater-waiter Ashley for a refill–the hate they have about themselves and each other sparks a brawl that involves punches that connect with crunching sound effects, devastating kicks, headlocks, and lots of staggering, wiping away blood, sobbing, and guttural screams the convey how truly angry each woman is.

Farley was either running from something or chasing it. "Ok," he told a friend, "Maybe she can find somebody better looking than me.

Either way, I see him as a sadder, more desperate character, more of a victim. And she might find somebody with more money than me.

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