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The most traumatising time of Lisa Jones’s life began when she agonised for months over the true identity of her boyfriend.They had been together for six years and she loved him “totally, completely, more than anyone”.“He was the closest person in the world to me,” she says. I thought I knew him better than anyone else knew him.” But she had begun to suspect that he was lying about who he really was.

Here are a couple of sweet pictures of them for you to sigh at: Repost from @hegdeg Who says turning older is not fun!

However, the actor has stayed in touch with former co-star Sanaya.

And their stormy reel relationship has over the years blossomed into a beautiful friendship.

Of course, it came as a huge shock, as I had always thought everything was running so perfectly for her (or, at least, that's how it seemed on her social media).

I remember she met her now ex boyfriend/fiancé during freshmen year of college.

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