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He was a teacher at the school at the time of the incident.

He was then reassigned from teaching to administrative duties at Hillside, the DOE said.

Khan made it clear through his messages that his intention was to have sex with her, according to the DA.

Khan was arrested on March 26 and charged with attempted criminal sexual act, which Khan pled guilty to on Friday.

Where children and property are involved, the divorce process can include issues relating to spousal support, child support and custody, the distribution of property and the division of debt.

The court will be satisfied that the parties have separated for a continuous period of 12 months even if they resumed cohabitation for an insubstantial time for up to three months in an attempt to reconcile during that 12-month period.

This could be considered, for example, if one of the partners has removed from the matrimonial bedroom into another bedroom in the home, ceases to engage in sexual relations, or ceases to carry out household duties such as washing, cleaning or cooking on their spouse’s behalf.

A former high school science teacher, who has pleaded guilty to trying to meet with a 14-year-old girl he chatted with online, will have to surrender his teaching license and is facing 30 days behind bars.

The scene - from the controversial new French film, Heading South, which opened this weekend, starring Charlotte Rampling, makes us confront uncomfortable truths about sexuality in a globalised world, and the legacy of colonialism.

In the film, an intelligent, provocative take on sex tourism in the late-1970s, Rampling plays Ellen, an American professor, who spends every summer at a private resort in Haiti, where beautiful, muscled black boys are available to the female clientele, mostly affluent single women in their forties, who despair of finding mates through more conventional means.

He was terminated in April 2014, the agency said on Monday.

During the incident, an undercover police officer pretended to be a teenaged girl and chatted with Khan, who then arranged to meet the "girl" for pizza in Flushing.

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