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Lots of specific information for their more Digital Solutions is optimized for developing high quality website and software with low overhead costs.Digital Solutions and our products are completely open.This lets you communicate with other members to find out more about each other and develop a relationship.Near Amarynthos (Euboea, Greece), a joint excavation by the Swiss School and the 11th Greek Ephorate brought to light the foundations of a large building, possibly belonging to the renowned sanctuary of Artemis Amarysia.In September, a team of Swiss and Greek archaeologists led by Denis Knoepfler and Amalia Karapaschalidou discovered the massive foundation of an edifice that could belong to the most renowned -yet still unlocated- sanctuary on the island of Euboea, dedicated to Artemis Amarysia.Deep trenches opened at the foot of the Paleoekklisies hill, near modern Amarynthos (10 kilometres east of Eretria), unearthed a foundation composed of two courses of large tuff blocks.The foundation cuts a large wall from the Late Geometric period (around 700 BC), excavated at a depth of 3 meters from the surface.The coastal plain near Amarynthos where a team of Swiss archaeologists is searching for the sanctuary of Artemis Amarysia It is the first time that such a monumental building is discovered in the area of Amarynthos.

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