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The above Action Filter does more or less the same job as the code at the beginning of this article.

The problem is that Model State only contains the properties of the Model that were POSTed to the server and handled by the MVC Model Binder. NET MVC applications your GET "View" is likely to be more complex than your POST "command" - perhaps you have a few Great, now if Model State is invalid, we can rebuild the model and then pass it back to the View.

One of the main issues is that validation can only be done on a model property in isolation.

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NET MVC using the specific example of cross-field validation.

Step 12 − Select the ‘Convert to Application’ option. Step 14 − Open your browser and specify the following URL Web Site You can see that it is running from the folder which we have specified during deployment.

As you can see, its physical path is the same as we have mentioned above while publishing, using the File system.

What's the acceptable amount of times to repeat the same piece of code before we decide to encapsulate the behaviour into something reusable?

A while ago I posted a solution to this using a custom view result.

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