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They are said to own 51% of a company incorporated in Singapore known as Ceylon Shipping Agency.2 The defendant, Athula Anthony Jayasinghe, is a Sri Lankan national.He was at all material times the managing director of a Singapore company known as Oriental Pearl Trading Pte Ltd (‘ Orient Pearl’).

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The receipt of the payment of the said sum by the defendant was never in dispute.

Contract - Illegality and Public Policy - Plaintiffs' officers remitting moneys to defendant for illegal purpose - Illegal purpose not carried out - Whether plaintiffs entitled to recover moneys from defendant Companies - Acts of officers - Ploy by officers of company to siphon moneys from company - Whether plaintiffs can recover moneys remitted to defendant by its officers - Whether company infected by contrivances of officers Evidence - Weight of Evidence - Delay in providing explanation - Inferences drawn 1 The plaintiffs, Colombo Dockyard Limited, are a large public corporation in Sri Lanka.

They are, as their name suggests, in dockyard, maritime and port-related activities.

One night at about midnight a waitress came into the kitchen and said to me: 'There's a gentleman on table five who wants to have a quick word with you.' 'Here we go,' I thought.

'There's going to be a complaint.' I already had one bunch of customers who used to bring slugs and things into my restaurant and leave them on their plates.

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