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Flowers moves into town and starts using his dreams as a shortcut to other places.To be free to date her, Scott has to defeat her seven evil exes in battle (they have a league) and quite possibly get a life.Speaking to The Sun, sources claim Mel, 41, bore the brunt of film producer Stephen Belafonte’s anger after he saw her playfully grab Cheryl’s bottom.

He was deeply uncomfortable with Mel flirting with Cheryl because it didn’t involve him. Mel was forced to miss the first live installment of The X Factor final after suffering 'stomach pains'en route to rehearsals from her West London home.The reaction was totally over the top but it prompted total rage.’The insider claims Mel had Belafonte barred from the backstage area after one furious outburst, prompting him to fly back to the United States. He was never popular because he behaved extremely unpleasantly. A source told The Sun on Sunday at the time: 'Mel seemed OK when she first got into the car but during the journey it gradually became clear something was very wrong.'She was complaining about stomach pains that seemed to grow worse and worse, until she was in agony.She was crying out.'Mel was in so much pain that the driver rushed her straight to hospital. The couple also adopted Sophia after her mother's death. After leaving Atlanta, he met Maggie Greene and eventually married her, and later had a son named Hershel.

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