Sexual intercose

The patient was immediately transported to hospital by emergency medical services and, after diagnosis, transferred to a tertiary hospital with neurosurgical expertise but died within 24 hours.

After postcoital headaches, subarachnoid hemorrhage is the second most common cause of neurological complications of sexual intercourse and therefore patients admitted to an emergency department with headache after sexual intercourse should always be carefully evaluated by cerebral imaging.

Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, 2002, 34(6):304-305 Researchers and policymakers have focused concern and attention on adolescent females who have romantic relationships with older males.

The age difference between a female and her partner may influence relationship dynamics in ways that put the female at greater risk of both unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

The complications of sexual intercourse are apparently rare relative to the frequency of coitus in the general population [3, 5, 6].

The true incidence is not known, as patients may not report the sexual circumstances of their health problems to health care professionals [5, 6].

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Sexuality is an essential aspect of quality of life.

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Each of them made a comment along the lines of 'it wasn't everything I imagined it would be'.

When my children were babies, I passed up many an opportunity to be intimate with my wife when we both decided we would rather try to catch up on our sleep.

I really enjoy the activity, but it is not something I would consider essential to having a good life.

CONTEXT: The age difference between a female and her partner may influence relationship dynamics in ways that put the female at increased risk of unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

Very little is known, however, about how romantic involvement progresses to intercourse, particularly among adolescent females with older male partners.

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