Updating twitter from phone

If you want to stop syncing your contacts from other devices, you will need to adjust your settings on those devices or remove all contacts from Twitter.

Twitter will continue to store and use the contacts you’ve previously uploaded unless you remove all contacts.

If you’re having trouble installing the latest Twitter for Android app, check to see how much space is available on your phone.

Ideally, your device should have a minimum of 50MB of available space.

(Protected accounts only)How do I remove the app or move it to my SD card? Visit our Managing multiple Twitter accounts article for more information.

Then, tap on the downward-facing arrow in the header to access your other accounts.

Note: Each time the email address associated with your Twitter account is updated, we will send an email notification to the previously-used email address alerting you of this change.

For more information on these types of alerts, read our Account security tips article.

Please be aware that this takes a little time and you may still notice some suggestions on Twitter (based on your contacts) in the meantime.Twitter is a free service; we do not charge you to use it, even via SMS. When you've attached your phone to your Twitter account, you will only receive updates from friends you've asked to get mobile Tweets from (learn about this here).However, if you use Twitter via text message on your phone, your mobile carrier may charge you for those messages according to your service plan. These are phone numbers that are used by Twitter to help you access your Twitter account via SMS on your phone. When you send a text message from your phone to your Twitter code, it will always post as a Tweet to your profile. If you update the font size through your device settings and do not see the update right away, try restarting your app. Why isn't my timeline automatically updated when I open the app? You can approve/deny follower requests in the app: Yes, you can adjust the font size displayed on your Twitter for Android app through your Android’s device settings.

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