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The most audacious burglary gang in recent Hollywood history–accused of stealing more than million in clothing and jewelry from Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and other stars–appears to be a bunch of club-hopping Valley kids, motivated by vanity and celebrity-worship. Neiers, 18, said that she was drunk and “not sure what was going on” as Prugo parked his white Toyota on the road by a house in the Hollywood Hills.

Lopez uppväxt i ett fattigt område i Bronx och senare väg mot framgång har beskrivits som en "askungesaga".

Cared for by an amah (阿嬤), a woman who looks after children, Kwan owned a pony and passed the summer in resorts in Borneo, Macao, and Japan.

When Kwan was 18, she pursued her dream of becoming a ballet dancer by attending the Royal Ballet School in London.

She told police that Prugo, Lee, and Tamayo seemed to be covering their faces with their hoodies, apparently in order to hide from security cameras.

Lee cut a section out of the chain-link fence surrounding the property, Neiers said, and the kids crawled through it.

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